18 People Injured In Hong Kong After An Escalator Went Into Reverse Direction

We, human beings design and build diverse appliances in order to simplify our work, save time and reduce man power. Be it lifts, escalators, bullet trains or anything. But there is always a room for the possibility of happening something so bad that is unstoppable.
And this unfortunate incident must be added to the list of those where electronic devices malfunctioned, got hijacked or operated by the unknown sources, this precisely took place in Hong Kong’s popular shopping mall resulting in injuring over 18 citizens. This is simply not a technical error, the issue is accompanied by a couple of notorious human beings, who were the concerned technicians, according to the source.
The CCTV footage video of the accident is posted on social media and is storming on the Internet garnering the huge attention from plethora of people.
Coming to the story the incident took place at Langham Place mall in Hong Kong’s Mongkok district on Sunday. A chain and an emergency break both seems to have malfunctioned resulting in the reverse movement of the escalator at great speed, despite the escalator passing an inspection last week.
As of now, two technicians have been arrested on charges of obstruction of justice.
Watch Video Here:
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