6 Worst Texts Ever From Neighbours

Neighbours can be your best friends or your worst enemies. A lot of people out there are not fortunate to get a friendly neighbourhood. And sometimes you will come across some neighbours giving a bad time to each other, that will bring to a thought that you being lucky that you didn’t have them at your next door.
Take a look at these crazy texts between neighbours which are went way too hilarious:

He seems to be trying to get lucky, he thought this might get him the girl

Seems the Woman doesn’t know how a trampoline works or is it her way to extend the conversation.

This man does not have any respect for anyone, he is making rude comments and calling out names this woman’s boyfriend.

He brought this up on himself, a well deserved back lash on his rudeness.

This is not just weird but one wonders what this man is really asking, a favour or a trouble for his neighbour.

For sure lesson learnt here by this neighbour who tried to mess up with a broken heart, from here on he will know his limits.

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