Bizzare: Angry camel killed his owner and sat on dead body till last breath

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    Villagers had no option but to shoot the camel dead
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    The camel had on earlier occasion attacked the owner's father
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    Camel was angry since the last 4-5 days
You may have heard many cases of camels but this Jaisalmer camel story is among the most scariest ever. We are talking about a case 20 km away from Jaisalmer, in Basinpeer south village, where a domestic camel got so violent that he threw down his 25-year-old owner and crushed him to death.
After killing his owner Ashok, the camel sat on his body for the whole night mercilessly.
On Thursday morning, Ashok's family members found him dead and the camel was sitting on his dead body. The camel was so much out of control that the villagers had to shoot the camel to take away the body.
The animal had on an earlier occasion attacked the owner's father as well. Many times the family members tried to sell the camel but the owner always refused to do so.
Former MLA Basinpeer confirmed the incident and said, "That evening Ashok was returning back to his home from his farm. It is to be believed that he was 2 km away from the village and then suddenly the camel got violent. The camel threw down his owner and killed him mercilessly. He must have had cried or shouted a lot but nobody listened to him in the desert. Possibility it was late and dark, so he couldn't find any help".
Villagers paid their heartfelt condolences and set the body on fire in evening. It is to be believed that the camel was angry from the last 4-5 days.
Ashok had tied his mouth few days ago fearing that the camel can hurt him anyday. He tried to control the animal by beating him up but with no success. People often say that camels get angry upon not finding a mate.
During the mating period it is very hard to control the animal.
Last year on May 22 in Badmeir district, a camel had killed his owner just by biting him, says a report.
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