चलते-चलते अचानक एक युवती ने उतारे बीच सड़क पर कपड़े, जानिये क्या था कारण

You will also have to travel too many crowded roads. But suddenly on the same road, if you suddenly start wearing your clothes? Then the entire crowd will be evacuated and that nude person will be gathered all around.
Something like this happened on London’s road where suddenly a girl removed all her clothes and got stuck on the middle of the road.
Do not you want to know that after all this girl did the Q. So come know what is the whole thing.
This girl, dressed in the middle of the road, on her own clothes
Girl standing in all the undergarments engaged in staringWhen this girl, wearing a blue village, began to stare at him all the people standing nearby. After the clothes got cluttered, the girl tied the bar on her eyes. Would not you want to know why this girl did this?
The girl wrote on a board the reason for doing thisThe thought of this girl’s mental condition is not right, and when she put a poster ahead of her, then she found out the reason for doing this.

This Australian woman was the victim of eating disorder
This girl named West is a resident of Parth City of Othellia. Eating a disorder has long been a long time.
The board he had placed in front of him had written on it, “I am standing here for every person who has been suffering from issues related to illness or self esteem like eating disorder.”
West did a very unique job to make people aware about the disease called eating disorderJ. said that due to the disease, he started hating his body. To get such a tough big stunt or to say the people of the yuo, The steps taken by this meant that people were careful about this disease and care for their bodies.

Appeals to people to support you
He had written on the same board, “Those who are with them doing so, they make their hearts in the form of a message on their body”. And their doing so was fairly true. Women and men, J. Supported and wrote a message on his body.
This is going to be quite famous due to its unique stuntsOf course he did this stunt for a good job. But due to this stunt, J.Vest is very famous and people are discussing him.
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