Boyfriend's Reaction When His Girlfriend Falls Off A Cliff Left The Internet In Shock (Video)

Just imagine a person with whom you are sitting and relaxing on a cliff and suddenly that person skids and is literally falling off the cliff in a spur of the moment, what would be your immediate reaction? Every normal human being will try to catch hold of the person and try to save the life. And how would you react if a person instead of helping you or grabbing your hand to save you just pulls you away? You'd be infuriated, right? Well, every person would feel the same.
Watch the video ahead to see the response of a beau whose girlfriend is falling off a cliff.

The duo was tomb stoning, the girl unexpectedly slid.

Unbelievable, isn't that?

While losing balance, she made an attempt to grab her boyfriend's leg so as to save her life.

But sadly, what her boyfriend did in return? He just pulled his leg away.

Isn’t that really enraging and inhumane thing he had done? How could you do that? He is such a jerk.

Wanna see what exactly happened that moment? Watch the video to see her boyfriend's reaction.

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