Cruel College Girls Bashed And Punished Innocent Pets Until They Die

Pet animals are lovely creatures as they love us immensely and fill our days with happiness, but some people are so evil that they don't even leave small animals alone and torture them. It is very tough to decide what a person will do to poor little pets once they are bought. Some adore them and they become their whole life, but others could hurt them as well. That comes in animal abuse and it must be stopped!! Read here why these two girls are going viral! 

These women are Alina Orlova and Aliona Savchenko.

They are Russian girls who are studying in Khabarovsk, Russia and they both are only teenagers right now.

They both adopt animals living in rescuers' homes or in local shelters.

And looking at two innocent girls (from outside) they might be give such adorable little creatures easily.

But Orlova and Savchenko are far from being decent.

If you a pet owner who loves their animal, you won't be able to handle this post.

A Russian blog covered the details of their horrible crime.

And it is "Animal Cruelty" in two simple words which are too small to describe the situation.

This picture shows how an innocent puppy was bashed using a hammer and then, shot

Instead of hiding it from their friends, they brag about it on social media and it's so insane. They shared the pictures on Russian social network called VKontakte.

They don't have humanity present in them.

They even ask their followers (who might be as wicked as them), that in what ways they could hurt these poor animals.

Miss Orlova was already detained in Vladivostok.

On getting arrested, she claims that the photos on social media are manipulated.

Savchenko's family has good relationship with police officers.

They can easily get out of jail but police is looking for proofs. Along with it, a petition has been made so that these college girls get punished accordingly.
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