Girls Instantly Regret Eating World’s Hottest Pepper after Challenge Goes Wrong

If you think, you are the only one who keep doing stupid, funny, or dump crap things than you are wrong. Many other girls and boys think of themselves a pro and do crazy things without knowing consequences. Don’t believe me?
Keep scrolling to have a look upon this story of two girls who took a challenge to eat world’s hottest pepper and later regretted their decision of taking challenge.

Initially it was all a fun game.

The video started like any other fun game videos, where two confident girls flaunting their over confidence to take on the challenge. Those girls were like, they knew that they are the winners and they are going to swallow hottest chilly like a cupcake.

However, the moment they took bite...

Their ass was on fire! LOL! Their first bite of the hottest chilly made their faces red and brings tear. They were yelling for water. However, the after effects of the chilly don’t end here. The burning sensation went to their stomach and the girls were screaming with pain, “NOPE! NOOOOOOPE! DIED…”

The burning sensation went to their stomach

Have a look on this video...

Over 1 million people have viewed that video.
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