Google announces a repository for all its Open Source offerings


Open source coders rejoice -- Google has released a ton of helpful resources
Google has launched a new website -- -- that serves as a central repository for all of their open source programs and initiatives, with information on various Google open source products as well as useful resources that coders and companies can use on their open source journey.
One of the key areas of this website is the Projects section, which is a visual directory of all Google open source projects the company is actively supporting. Implemented in the form of a tag cloud, you simply click or tap the icons of a particular open source product you’re interested in, which takes you directly to a page from where you can download its source code from Google’s own Git code hosting service.
Some of the projects hosted here include the Android device operating system, their machine learning library TensorFlow, the Chromium web browser and more.
There is also a comprehensive section that contains documentation on the actual processes that the company uses internally when working on open source projects. These documents provide information on how Google coders release code that becomes part of full-blown Google products, the methods that the company uses to track the numerous open source packages into their projects, and details about programs that are conducted both inside and outside the company to support open source groups.
The site also provides details pertaining to their community initiatives in promoting open source, including real world events such as Google Summer of Code where university students can spend their summers working on open source technologies, Google Code-in which is a global online contest that introduce teens to open source technologies, and details about the affiliate programs they operate within this space.
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