Guy Caught His Girlfriend Cheating! The Way He Dealt With The Matter Is Beyond Maturity

Often we get to hear about unfortunate incidents which might have been avoided if the people concerned acted in a little mature or sensible way. It’s pretty easy to shout, abuse and fight but it’s very difficult to control your emotions and make your heart understand that keeping calm is the best option.
In addition, maturity is not something which comes with age; it comes to those who know how to take lessons from life and how to implement them further in their lives.
A Quora thread asked visitors about the “most mature thing they have ever done”; many answers were received but the answer from this anonymous person is damn awesome and out of the ordinary!!
He found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him but the manner in which he dealt with the situation is beyond maturity.

Read the answer!
“Going anonymous because my ex is still following me on Quora.
I met my ex through a social media platform. Our conversations were funny and intellectual. I really liked her for who she was or maybe what she portrays to be. After a few days, we started meeting for couple of coffee or maybe a brunch sometime. She showed her interest to be in a relationship and we started dating. It was the first week of us dating. But she didn’t seem happy, every time I was with her she kept texting someone. She had urgent calls at random times in the night when I was talking to her. I suspected her to be dating someone else as well.
It was the third month of dating each other and we went out for a coffee. The conversation was going smooth and suddenly she started behaving weird, hiding under the table with an excuse of picking up something she dropped. Then hiding behind the menu etc. Out of the blue a random guy comes up to us and points at me and says “Who is he?!” in a very commanding voice. She was speechless trying to stay calm. I was sure that he’s her bf as she had told me that she’s the only kid in her family so it can’t be her brother.
I stood up, put my hand on his shoulder and told him “Relax buddy, I’m her cousin. I just came to Bangalore for a day and wanted to catch up with her.” his aggression vanished. “I’m sure she must have told you about me.” He nodded his head. I made him sit on my place and left the cafe wiping my tears.
I didn’t see the point of fighting for her as well as telling the guy the truth and ruining their relationship. Instead, I did that to save my time and additional drama that came along with it. She tried calling me and texting me but I didn’t respond. I hope she’s doing well with whoever she is.”
A big round of applause for this guy! He definitely deserves it!
Have you ever faced any such situation? What had you done at that time? Share with us in the comments section below.
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Source: Quora
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