Horrifying! This Woman Lost Her Eye Due To A Tiny Piece Of Glitter.

It seems like few months earlier, when people were so obsessed with the glitter that they were using glitters in everything – in their armpits hairs, navels, eyes, beards, top of their head, and to their buttholes. Gosh!
You can say glitter became the most important ingredient to beautify their things. However it only makes you look stupid and sparkly Bratz doll stuck in 20’s.
But do you know it can take your vision or an entire eye ball as well? Ask Erica Diaz, what happened with her? How did she lose her eye due to a small peice of “glitter”?

How Tiny Speck Of That Stuff Get Into Her Eye?

As you know, most of the school ask kids to add sparkle in their project; Erica Diaz was also helping her daughter to wind up an art project. During that, a small piece of glitter got stuck in her eye, which caused unfortunate degeneration of her.

How Can Glitter Do So Much Of Damage?

The glitter entered into her cornea which itself created tiny cuts in her cornea. Later on pus started oozing out from her messed up eyeball.

To Prevent Degeneration, She Underwent Cornea Transplant

To prevent her eye infection, she underwent two surgeries. After second surgery, doctors had cleared that even then the infection will re-grow in her eye, they need to remove her eyeball, or else the infection will damage her nervous system and move into her blood stream.

Sadly, Doctors Removed Her Eyeball

Nothing worked for her eye, and finally doctors removed her eyeball.

This Is How Inside Of The Eye Looks Like

Looks scary! Isn’t it?

Erica Diaz With Prosthetic Eye

Though she can’t get her perfect eyes as she was born with, but the prosthetic eye helped her to live her life normally. But sometimes even her prosthetic eye ditches her and doesn't sync up with the real eye. Yikes!

Her Friends Set Up A Gofundme Page

Her friends created a GoFundMe page to pay off some of her medical bills, as the medications were too costly, her insurance company refused to pay those bills. With the help of this page, so far she has raised $ 5,000.

Her Positive Outlook

She still says glitter should not be banned. We should take care, while we work with glitter. Like wear goggles and gloves to prevent glitters getting stuck in our nails and reaching to our eyes while we rub them off. This potential glittery death helped her to figure out what really matters.

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