Mum Accidentally Adds Daughter To Her Personal Chat - Then Carries On Sending Raunchy Texts

It couldn’t be a worse than a nightmare for this woman who was accidentally added by her mother in a raunchy conversation with her new love interest. One would only feel sorry for this daughter as she read through the conversation between her mother who is 66 years of age with her lover. And not to forget their conversation gets steamier by the moment. 

From Beach Hair To Bosom

The conversation started off mildly with the lady Sharon from US talking about her beach hair and no makeup look and quickly turning into personal talks.

Next They Talk of Her Figure And Age

It couldn’t get more weird than this when they spoke their age and talked of the woman’s bosom size too.

Talks Were Too Personal

If that wasn't enough for the woman who was reading all this while the conversation of her mother, the conversation quickly became even more personal

And They Talk of Going Out

The mother this man a “bad boy” and jokes that she feels like she a young school girl again as it had been long since she got physically closer.

Daughter Broke Silience

And after witnessing her mother having a conversation with this guy, daughter finally lets her mother know that she has been a part of this chat, she says “Hi” to her mother-Sharon. What’s hard to imagine is how they are going to facing each other up face to face when they do see each other, it would be awkward and tensed situation for both of them.
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