Phillauri Movie Review: Anushka Sharma-Diljit Dosanjh's Love Tale Will Work Its Way Into Your Heart

Phillauri Movie Review: Anushka Sharma-Diljit Dosanjh's Love Tale Will Work Its Way Into Your Heart
After the gripping NH10, which was released a couple of years ago in 2015, Anushka Sharma is back with her second outing as a producer with Phillauri. Ever since the trailer has been released, the intrigued viewers have been sharing their reactions to the crazy and different film.
Anushka Sharma who doesn’t believe in just sticking to one genre, continues to find success by being versatile in her craft. And we are only excited to watch her as a beautiful spirit in the film, a character she hasn’t played before, and we won’t be able to forget easily.
As far as the film’s plot is concerned, it revolves around a big Punjabi wedding of Kanan (Suraj Sharma) and Anu (Meherene Kaur Pirzada). So yes, expect the film to offer fun, entertainment and romance.
The film also features Diljit Dosanjh as a poet and singer in Phiallur in pre-independence era. Since Anushka plays his love interest, it would be interesting to see the pair’s chemistry as they share the screen space for the first time.
So what exactly is the love story of Diljit Dosanjh and Anushka Sharma all about? What’s the real reason for the spirit to haunt people after 98 years? Divya Pal is watching the film to live tweet the experience.
10.00 AM @AnushkaSharma and @diljitdosanjh are ready to entertain us with their film #Phillauri. Stay tuned for live tweet review
10.02 AM After #NH10, @AnushkaSharma makes her second outing as a producer with #Phillauri.
10:06 AM With @diljitdosanjh, @AnushkaSharma and #SurajSharma playing key roles, #Phillauri is expected to make audience laugh, think and enjoy.
10:16 AM Marriage can either be a fun experience or pure frightening dream. #Phillauri opening scene sets the tone of the film. Funny!
10:21 AM Suraj Sharma is so cute. His laugh is enough to express his feelings. #Phillauri
10:22 AM So Canada returned Kannan's singing skills are amazing, but not worth Indian families' appreciation. #Phillauri
10:27 AM Manglik ki shadi paed se hone ke baad sab kashton ka ant ho jaega. Sad, but yes it happens in India. #Phillauri
10:31 AM Anushka looks so pretty as a spirit. Her first encounter with Suraj could have been funnier. #Phillauri
10:36 AM We are over 30 into #Phillauri and we know Suraj Sharma has mastered the art of facial expressions.
10:41 AM Khoon saaadke rakh diya mera. #Phillauri has used thaeth Punjabi words to capture complexities of big fat Punjabi weddings.
10:42 AM @diljitdosanjh is finally here! #Phillauri
10:46 AM @diljitdosanjh plays poet, singer in Phiallur in pre-independence era. His intro in the film is what an actor like him deserves #Phillauri
11:10 AM It's interval. #Phillauri has its funny moments, but the pace gets a bit slow.
11:14 AM .@diljitdosanjh has a different character to play in the film. But it is nice he is experimenting with his roles. #Phillauri
11:33 AM Dumdum is a soulful track. Beautifully captures the transformation in the character played by @diljitdosanjh #Phillauri
11:37 AM There are moments when #Phillauri gets serious, but it goes with the plot. Not unnecessary.
11:49 AM Love can make you do great things in life. #Phillauri sends out a strong message.
12:01 PM This song Din Shagna da will either remind you of your own wedding, or a Punjabi wedding you attended recently. #Phillauri
12:20 PM Punjabi sense of humour is spot on! And #Phillauri manages to get it
12:30 PM Why are the makers dragging the film on for too long? #Phillauri
12:40 PM If you are expecting just humour, #Phillauri might disappoint. But as a love tale it will strike a chord.
12:53 PM Suraj Sharma as a confused groom-to-be plays a character opposite to what he essayed in #LifeofPi. Deserves better films #Phillauri
12:55 PM The best thing about #Phillauri is its cast - everyone plays their part well.
12:56 PM Anushka Sharma should be appreciated for bringing a film which we haven't really seen. #Phillauri
12:57 PM Watch #Phillauri for @AnushkaSharma effortless acting and her real onscreen chemistry with @diljitdosanjh
12:59 PMThank you for staying with us throughout the tweet review of #Phillauri
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