Shiv Sena MP Gaikwad Grounded, Airlines Seek Strict Action

Shiv Sena MP Gaikwad Grounded, Airlines Seek Strict Action
New Delhi: Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad was on Friday barred from flying by Air India and four private Indian carriers after his brazen assault on an Air India officer.
Federation of Indian Airlines has issued a statement saying that Air India and the member airlines of the Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA) that includes IndiGo, Jet Airways, SpiceJet and Go Air, condemn the assault on an Air India staff member by a passenger who happens to be a Member of Parliament on March 23, 2017.
"Air India and FIA members have decided to ban this Member of Parliament from flying on all our flights with immediate effect," and FIA release said.
The airlines also demanded strict action be taken against the Member of Parliament by law enforcement agencies.
"We believe that an assault on any one of our employees is an assault on all of us and on ordinary law-abiding citizens of our country who work hard to earn a living. In the interest of the safety and security of our colleagues and other customers, we also propose the promulgation of a "no fly" list which shall include the names of all unruly passengers. Such customers are not welcome on our carriers and we seek the support of the Government and security agencies to enforce such a "no fly" list," the release further said.
Air India staffer Sukumar, who was assaulted by Shiv Sena MP said that he was abused profusely by the MP.
"The crew members tried to stop him but he hit me with the slipper and also pushed me," said Sukumar, the victim.
Sukumar maintained that he is not scared or worried at all.
"They are public servants...they need to behave in a decent manner," he added.
Gaikwad who is unrepentant about the incident had earlier told reporters in Delhi that he has a ticket on a flight to Pune this evening and that nobody can stop him from flying.Air India has also said it is mulling a no-fly list to stop people with such track record from travelling on the national carrier.
Budget carrier IndiGo today said it will support any move which bars unruly passengers from flying. "We will support a no-fly list," IndiGo President and Whole Time Director Aditya Ghosh told PTI.
Gaikwad assaulted a 60-year-old Air India officer after he was unable to travel business class despite having insisted on boarding an all-economy flight.
An 80-second video of the incident which has emerged on social media shows Gaikwad assaulting Air India staffer Shivkumar even as crew members are heard pleading with him to stop.
"Let it be, there are already many cases against me," he snaps back when a stewardess warns him that he would end up being charged with murder as the assault would kill the 60-year old staffer.
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