The 'DuckTales' Theme Song, Like You've Never Heard It Before

The 'DuckTales' Theme Song, Like You've Never Heard It Before
A YouTube user's cover of the theme song of the classic Disney cartoon 'DuckTales' is going viral
NEW DELHI:  What's more fun than listening to the theme song of the classic '90s Disney cartoon DuckTales? Hearing a bunch of animals "sing" it. Seriously. Russian YouTuber Insane Cherry is notorious for "remixing" and releasing "animal covers" of popular songs online. This time, he has gone and picked everyone's favourite. Woo hoo. At a little over one minute long, the clip features cats, dogs, goats and yes, even a duck. The resulting mashup is as ridiculous (and catchy) as it sounds.

Listen to the animal cover of the DuckTales theme song here:

The video has already been viewed nearly 86,000 times on YouTube and over 40,000 times on Facebook

"This is all that's going on inside my head 24/7," writes Alex Sciolti on Facebook. (Ours too.)

"This is going to be my alarm tone now...I want to wake up dying of laughter every day," comments Charlotte Jorgensen on YouTube. We sincerely hope she doesn't have any roommates.  

Earlier this month, the Disney XD network released the first official trailer of the rebooted animated series. It premieres this summer. 

And in case you're wondering what crazy cover YouTuber Insane Cherry may tackle next, at least one person has taken to the comments section requesting an animal cover of British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran's hit song Shape of You. So, you know, there's that to look forward to.
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