They say a “lot can happen over a cup of coffee”, and when it comes being drunk, we can only assume that a lot more can happen then. With a few drinks down, one might probably going dancing on club floor and you never know that you may hit on someone to get on with. It may sound odd but yes it can happen that you end up being with a complete stranger and you feel that it was the most amazing make of your life. After all liquid courage is amazing. Some people have shared their best experience with a stranger, let’s explore: Report Article Chatting At Bar 1 SOURCE This guy got chatting to a girl in a bar. As he was too drunk he felt that he needs to get home, on his way picked a subway sandwich for himself. He reached his home and was about to crash out when he got a call from his roommate who was still at the bar. The girl this guy was chatting wanted to know where he was. The roommate told her that the guy has left for home, she then asked for the address from the guy’s roommate. And in 15 minutes the guy’s roommate dropped the drunk girl to their home to be there with this guy. Construction Site 2 SOURCE One guy met a girl at a Peruvian bar & they got into a cab, they couldn’t find the hotel where she was putting up. Then this girl took the guy to a construction site and got close on a drafting table on an unfinished 3rd floor till the rise of the sun. Amputated Leg 3 SOURCE This was unique one, this guy met a girl who had her right leg amputated above her knees 8 years ago due to cancer. The guy & her drove to a dark shadowy driveway and they parked the car there and she had was with him. This turned out to be awesome one for them as the amputation and small space between the door & seat made it perfect. At Party 4 SOURCE A guy got a text message from his friend, and he said that there is girl who needs it she had a break up with her bf. The guy thought his friend was drunk but when he went there it was awkwardly hell of an experience for this guy with this girl. Music 5 SOURCE Another guys favourite was when the girl he was with her when she paused things for a minute and went to put on music to go with the flow, the music she turned on were some of the tracks recorded in her own voice. Behind The Church 6 SOURCE This guy met an older girl at the bar who looked awkward and alone. When they got talking she told him she was earlier married & had a kid. And after her divorce this was her first time to come out. This guy then asked her if wanted to go in some private place and they ended up getting close behind a church which she said her family attended. They parted ways afterwards and never met again. Weekend 7 SOURCE This guy was staying at a friend’s house for a long weekend, and he had a flight at 6 am on Sunday morning. On Saturday night his friend invited two random girls to hang out. They initially said no, but they came to their home later on. The guy then asked one of the girls would drive him over to airport and she agreed. They other friend teased that then they can get comfortable at backseat of car which they felt would be small. The friend then suggested that could probably use to bathroom for it and this came with a free ride to the airport. Fairy 8 SOURCE This guy’s friends came over and got a girl who he had never met before, she was cute and liked to smoke. They smoked and drank all night, however the girl wanted to go as high as possible. Later on when they were alone and sitting in silence the girl walked over, grabbed this guy’s hand, lead him upstairs. They both were together for like two hours. Next day when this guy woke up she was gone. He doesn’t remember her name but thanks her as he calls as love fairy, where ever she is. Train 9 SOURCE This guy was getting bored during five+ hours train ride, so he went smoking to kill time and he met a girl with a same pinch. They chatted for a while and tit happened in a 1 sqaremeter ice cold train comfort room. This guy felt it was fun. Hithiker 10 SOURCE This guy picked up hitchhiker and they went to her house. Then they tacos & bear, after which she asked him to go for shower, she then joined him. This woman’s kids were sleeping in the house and one kids was of the same age as this guy. In Transit 11 SOURCE A guy started talking to a woman during a trans Atlantic flight. They first had hands brushed against hands, and then they lingered, and later were touching each other under blankets while the rest of the plane slept. The girl was staying in a dingy hotel across a pretty shady town, they landed at 2am, and it was worth a walk for this guy. Tinder 12 SOURCE One guy met a girl in tinder, and she invited him to an Ed sheeran concert. As soon as the guy reached her hotel room, the girl was all over him. They then went for the concert and when they came back in the room they had act of love. The guy felt something and asked her if she was on her periods, she said no. Later when he was asleep the girl woke him up and they got closer again. The guy then slept and in morning took shower and left and never spoke this woman again. Three Is A Crowd 13 SOURCE The guy was lucky not to catch diseases. Birthday Bash 14 SOURCE It was his best friend’s birthday, and this guy got drunk. He got chatting to a similarly drunk girl and got to it on some trash bins outside, with no protection. The guy rated this as 1 on 10 as he got a disease.

Samsung has launched the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + at a global launch event. Both the phones run a new 10 nm chipset, The S8 has an Octa core (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad), 64 bit chipset while the S8+ will have an Octa core (2.35GHz Quad + 1.9GHz Quad), 64 bit chipset.
Both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have a 4GB RAM (LPDDR4), 64GB (UFS 2.1) storage, the Galaxy S8 has a 5.8” (146.5mm) Quad HD+ 2960×1440 px display with a 570ppi while the S8+ has a 6.2” (158.1mm) Quad HD+ 2960×1440 px display  with a 529ppi density. Both have Samsung’s own super-AMOLED display.
For cameras both phones get a main Dual Pixel 12MP OIS (F1.7), Front: 8MP AF (F1.7). While the battery on the Galaxy S8 is 3000 man, the S8plus has a 3500 mAh battery. Both support fast charging and wireless charging as well.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ has a HDR certified display, which should give the best color and contrast for video content. Both the phones have iP68 water and dust resistance.
The home button sits below the display, where if you press down on the screen near the bottom it mimics the feel of the button much like Apple’s latest Touch ID haptics, but inside the main display.
Samsung has also launched Bixby, an intelligent Artificial interface. The phones have a new Bixby button that allow you to navigate through services and apps with simple voice, touch, vision and text commands. Contextual awareness capabilities enable Bixby to offer personalized help based on what it continues to learn about the user’s interests, situation and location.
The Galaxy S8 and S8+ both have an iris scanner merged into facial recognition just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ also utilize the 8 point battery checks in the manufacturing process to ensure the batteries don’t blow up like the Note 7.

The Phones go on Sale April 21st Globally.
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