This Tattoo Artist Colored Her Eyeballs And Removed Her Bellybutton For A Crazy Reason!

Have you ever got a chance to meet people who are crazy about doing whatever they like to do and never regret it ever? Well, I have stumbled across a story about a tattoo artist is definitely a quintessence of what we say ‘Completely Being Yourself.'
A tattoo artist, Grace Neutral, who not only got herself inked, but also tinted her eyeballs blue, reformed her ears and detached her navel. Are you wondering- Why? The reason is quite simple- it makes her feel happy. She designates these amendments to her body as her en route for happiness and self-gratification.
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Meet Grace Neutral

Grace Neutral, as known among her friends and kinfolks, is a London based hand poke tattoo artist. As per her, whatever she has done to her appearance so far is something that she considers to be quite normal, but for people like us, she is an extraordinary person. Her appearance speaks for itself. Throughout all these years, Grace has done more than a few amendments to her body to get the look she always wished to have'. You don’t believe how many times she has got herself inked, furthermore, she has tinted her eyeballs purple, had manifold scarification processes, reformed her ears, and bifurcated her tongue to have an 'out of the world' appearance.


Above and beyond her remarkable tattoos, she has quite a few scarifications design on her face that felt like getting it done as she got inspired by 'aliens'. For those who don't know, scarification is a practice that encompasses cutting off the top film of your skin until the mutilations set right and you get the anticipated form.

Navel, what's that?

To get herself the most anticipated appearance, she even went to the degree that she eliminated her bellybutton. In a discussion with Sophie Eggleton, she termed the process, "I was laid on a tattoo bed. I put iodine all over my stomach and then they cut it out." Oh yes! As if it was a cake walk for her! OMG!!

Nothing is ventured, nothing gained

Neutral defines this procedure as completely simple. Well, that’s all about the passion we have about one or another thing. Some don’t mind bearing pain for it as well. Your wish, your urge empowers you and makes you more fearless. After all...nothing can be ventured without pain and firm determination!

Severe Healing

As per her, the most excruciating amendment to her body was restructuring her ears to look leprechaun-like. "My ears were the most throbbing. They re-formed the whole top of my ear," she further says, "It took two hours for each ear…The restorative part was really punitive."

Going Intrepid

Neutral has a simple reasoning behind all this. Her prime aim behind this is to pave her own journey to find herself. She considers that these variations make her feel who she really is. "Just envisage if everyone was themselves, how different it would be, and how invigorating it would be to walk out the door every day," the hand-poke artist alleged in an interview and the individuals you would meet – no one would be frightened."

Get rid of her Skin

What Grace does to get rid of her unwanted skin is even more exceptional than her look. She nibbles on a piece of skin that is detached from her face. Here is one more intriguing thing she did, she had the taken out her belly button reshaped it into the shape of a heart and presented it to a loved one as an act of love. That’s real crazy!!


Her exceptional look has put on many feathers to her hat. Firstly, she has approximately 330,000 followers on Instagram (She is literally on FIRE these days) and secondly, she has done some modelling assignments for Ashley Williams during the London Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2016 show. Whoa!!

Hand Poked Artist

Even after all the glamour and inspection she had received, she hasn't given up her profession as a hand poke tattoo artist.

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