Top Instagram Models Make Millions By Doing Nothing At All

It would be a dream to earn a lot by doing nothing, no? Most of us put in a lot of efforts to earn big money, yet are not able to. But what these Instagram models did is going to get you filled with envy. They earn about $100,00 for a single picture which is sponsored picture or you can say, a post. It is bit surprising, no? that the world of internet is helping them so much to earn. Well, here are few high earning Instagram models who make brilliant money through their posts:

Paige Hathaway - £3.8 million

She is a fitness addict earning this much money for sponsoring deals for 'Fitness Teas' which contains laxatives to make you lose your weight.

Chantel Zales - £3.6 million

When she advertises hair removal products by posting pictures, she is able to earn grand money. She only uses the tag #TeamNoFuzz.

Ana Cheri - £2.4 million

She is so stunning and makes a lot of money by being a member of #FitFam.

Abigail Ratchford - £2.3 million

Abigail gets very well paid for the makeup she puts which includes neon orange fake tan on the body and the messy hair bring out something exotic in her.

Claudia Alende - £2.1 million

She advertises powered protein in jars and has so many followers as she is clearly a doppelganger of Megan Fox.

Laci Kay Somers - £2 million

She does advertisement for waist training wraps that look much like tofu bacon. She has included "actor and singer " on her Insta page, although we don't know much about it.

Amanda Lee - £1.9 million

She drinks pineapple protein shakes and advertises those brands.

Bella Falconi - £1.7 million

She is an acclaimed nutritionist and thus, when she advertises the weight loss pills and yogurt, they sell out pretty quickly.
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