Video: Woman Threatens Delhi Cop, Claims She's Related To Top Court Judge

The woman can be heard saying that she is related to a Supreme Court judge.
NEW DELHI:  In a video that's going steadily viral on micro blogging website Twitter, a woman can be seen screaming at a policeman who allegedly called her out for parking illegally. The video was posted on Tuesday, March 28, by Twitter user who goes by the name 'No Musker Tusker.' The incident took place in the New Delhi.

In the video, the woman can be heard yelling, "Main Supreme Court ke judge ki beti hun, samjhe. Teri aukaat dikha dun tujhe?" (I'm the daughter of a Supreme Court judge. Should I put you in your place?)

Although the tweet itself says that the woman claims to be the daughter of a judge, it is not clear whether she says beti (daughter) or biwi (wife).

 The woman can then be seen mocking the cop when he says "Judge bhi aisa kaam karta hai?" (Does the judge also act like this?)

When she is unable to get her own way, she ends the altercation by calling the cop a 'chor' or a thief. She can then be heard complaining to onlookers that the parking is full.

Since being shared online just one day ago, the video has been retweeted almost 2,600 times. Delhi Traffic Police, tagged in the tweet, is yet to post a response.

Watch the video below:

Woman abusing cop 4 not allowing illegal parking. Says she's daughter of SupremeCourt judge. Calls 100, says cop demands bribe @dtptraffic

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