Exhausted Surgeon Sleeps on Hospital Floor after working for 28-Hour Shift – Here’s how people reacted on Social Media!

Exhausted Surgeon Sleeps on Hospital Floor after working for 28-Hour Shift – Here’s how people reacted on Social Media!
The work of doctors is quite unpredictable. Some of the doctors arrive to the hospital anytime anywhere if they find any sort of emergency case. They will never think of the time and their first preference is always work, especially their patients. Some doctors need to do shifts even during nights in order to protect the life of their patient. In the recent times, a picture of a doctor went viral for some great reason. As per the news, the surgeon from a hospital in China slept on the floor for becoming exhausted completely.
The doctor reportedly worked continuously for about 28 hours and shattered off. The picture of the doctor sleeping on the floor in a Chinese hospital has acquired massive response from the viewers. In some of the pictures, we can witness the surgeon wearing the scrubs and slept on a grass carpet. The surgeon tired off after working a tough and challenging 28 hour shift in the hospital. China Global TV Network have posted it on their Facebook page and shared with the page viewers.
Constant Surgeries ended up the Surgeon Worn out
As per the post, the doctor named Luo Heng had reportedly carried out a total of 5 surgeries in the hospital restlessly. After conducting the critical operations, the doctor simply started napping on the floor out of tiredness. Then, some of them took a picture of the doctor and shared it on Facebook. From then, all the people on the social media have started hailing this surgeon as an idol man after impressing at his extreme dedication towards work.
Dr. Luo Heng works as a surgeon at a hospital in Dingyuan County located in the East China, Anhui Province. In order to handle a couple of surgeries, the doctor allegedly worked the whole night without even taking a single nap. The following day, the doctor carried out three more operations. On 30th March 2017, people have captured his picture and posted on Facebook. The post has acquired more than 3600 reactions and a total of about 1900 shares on the popular social media Facebook.
Some of the fellow doctors, he advised this surgeon to take enough rest as a doctor. Insomnia in doctors could become pretty dangerous for the patients too. As per numerous reports, the pictures of this surgeon acquired massive response on the Chinese social networking website, Weibo. Even, people on Facebook have totally impressed at the dedication of this surgeon. We salute this surgeon for his work dedication but we feel that health is also important especially for the doctors.
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