Kangana Ranaut finally opens up about ‘Queen’ Film Director Vikas Bahl’s Sexual Molestation Case

Kangana Ranaut finally opens up about ‘Queen’ Film Director Vikas Bahl’s Sexual Molestation Case
The bold actress in Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut finally opened up over the issue of Vikas Bahl’s sexual harassment. Kangana is courageous enough to say the truth as it is without any fear. In the recent times, some news appeared on the media against the film producer and director, Vikas Bahl. Most of them have truly shocked after coming to know about this news on Vikas Bahl. When the media persons asked Kangana to speak about Vikas, she reacted in a bold way. Check out how Kangana reacted over the sexual harassment allegations against Vikas Bahl.
Vikas Bahl had directed Kangana’s hit film Queen. Despite giving her a massive success in her film career, the actress didn’t take the director side. She has reportedly admired the braveness of the victim by coming forward and opened up about the issue with the director. Speaking about the issue, Kangana called it as a serious thing related to the industry person. All that she could say is the courage of the woman to come out from her circle and spoke out bravely regarding the sexual harassment.

Kangana’s words are True Inspiration for Every woman
She not only specified this issue but generalizing the thing, she said that women must have a lot of courage in order to speak out truth. Also, the society and the family members of the victim must also give some support to her without ignoring or insulting her. She also added that common public must support such victims and show their support to make justice to such women. They need to speak out and discuss about the issue.

It is the responsibility of every single woman to come out of their restrictions and boundaries and open up to speak what actually they feel in their heart. This way, people can get some sort of awareness about different kinds of issues going on in the society. However, for every issue, there will be two sides of story. It is essential to hear the voice of others as well. Later, they need to think what’s right and what’s wrong. In the recent times, we have witnessed this first and foremost sexual harassment story.

There are many such victims just like in the case of Vikas Bahl that include Arunabh Kumar. Some victim had reported on him for sexual harassment and molestation and eventually the Mumbai Police have registered a case against him. The words of Kangana Ranaut are quite encouraging for sexual harassment victims and they would definitely take the support of Judiciary to get justice.
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