PM Modi ji re-tweets a common Man’s Tweet – Here’s the Reason!

PM Modi ji re-tweets a common Man’s Tweet – Here’s the Reason!
PM Modi ji re-tweets a common Man’s Tweet – Here’s the Reason!
Akash Jain, the 26-year old man had done something unusual and made his wedding card as a sensation on the social media. Akash is a marketing professional from Bengaluru. He had made a tweet for his sister’s Pratiksha’s wedding card and also tagged the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi to the tweet. Within 24 hours, Modi had re-tweeted his tweet. But, it is not all. The Prime Minister had started following Akash back on his Twitter account.
That specific moment was unbelievable for Akash as Modi ji re-tweeted his tweet and also followed him on his Twitter handle. He shared that the father of Akash is also a great fan of Modi and Modi has set as a great inspiration for one and all. After looking at the re-tweet, Akash felt that it was the best day of his life. On Twitter, Prime Minister follows 1700 people and now Akash had become one among them.
Swachh Bharat Logo on Wedding Card
After receiving the notification of PM re-tweeting, Akash had checked his notifications a plethora of time in order to ensure it as reality. This is because; he couldn’t truly believe as this has happened for real and there’s nothing fake in it. This all happened because of his father’s obsession towards Swachh Bharat. Just have a close glimpse at the wedding card. You can see the symbol of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet project Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
The father of Akash, Kantilal Jain usually regarded as Modi of Mysore. It’s because, he has a strange resemblance with Prime Minister Modi. He has given some sort of explanation for placing the symbol of Swachh Bharat on the wedding card. He said that, it is not only the sole responsibility of Modi to have thoughts of cleaning up India but also the responsibility of every single Indian. He had sent about 3000 wedding cards with a logo on it. This logo of Swachh Bharat will definitely make people to remind about their duties to our country.
The wedding of Pratiksha is on 29th April and they told the caterers to place dustbins at every crook and nook of the venue. They also told the caterers to diminish the usage of plastic.
When PM re-tweeted the wedding card of Pratiksha, he looked at the card for more than 10 lakh times. Akash also sent a personal invitation for the Prime Minister and he is expecting that PM will attend the wedding. But, it’s pretty too much to expect him to arrive for the wedding. But, we can’t expect things in life, right!
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