PV Sindhu Playing Badminton With This 7-Year-Old Is The Sweetest Thing

PV Sindhu Playing Badminton With This 7-Year-Old Is The Sweetest Thing
After PV Sindhu won the silver medal in badminton at the Rio Olympics, the focus was on how Pullela Gopichand's academy produced a champion like her. Sindhu's diet, her fitness regime and her training schedules- all got written about.
But along with that, another picture emerged. That of a 21-year-old who likes ice cream and talking to friends on her mobile phone. And that of a friendly neighbour, as this video of her playing badminton on a road, shows.
This video shared by Drnisarga Nisarga on Facebook, shows Sindhu playing badminton with Praanjala, a 7-year-old girl who too attends the Gopichand academy like Sindhu.
"Sindhu is our family friend. My daughter Pranjala, 7 years old, goes to the same academy as Sindhu. When she (Sindhu) came home, my daughter played badminton with her in front of our house. This was just a few days before Sindhu left for Rio. The video was shot by my wife," Nirsarga told News18.
The video was shared on August 19, the day Sindhu clinched the silver medal and made the country proud.
When we asked Nisarga how he feels about Sindhu's victory at the world's greatest sporting event, he said, "It is a fantastic feeling. Just can't be explained. It is as if a girl from home has brought the medal. The importance it carries, the richness, the real value - all are yet to sink in."
When asked whether he would like to see his daughter play like Sindhu, he said: "Yes I dream the same for my daughter. At 7 years, kids can't hold the bat properly but she plays weĺl. Sindhu too was surprised while playing with her."
Yes, the little girl seems very promising. Watching Sindhu play with her is a treat. Take a look.
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