Thousands Of Indians Mistook Snapchat for Snapdeal and are Uninstalling the App Because of Snapchat CEO’s Poor India Comment

Thousands Of Indians Mistook Snapchat for Snapdeal and are Uninstalling the App Because of Snapchat CEO’s Poor India Comment
It has been two days since Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel called Indians poor to use his rich people’s app, Snapchat.  Entire Twitter is on range right now about the comment and is leaving no stones unturned to put on blame onto Snapchat.
The comment from Snapchat CEO landed the app in much trouble in India with uninstalls, bad ratings followed by abuses.  The twist in the tale is that it is not just the Snapchat that went down in the country, but also Snapdeal as it shares the same fist name ‘Snap’.
Twitter is overflowed with negative comments on Snapdeal, though it has nothing to do with the comments made by Snapchat CEO.  Snapdeal has become a victim now and is suffering a great deal receiving lots of negative comments, uninstalls and backlashes on the internet.
Snapdeal gets cursed wrongly for Snapchat CEOs comments
One of the Snapdeal user said “Aukat me raho snapdeal…Uninstall” while other user said ‘Sorry guys as I belong to the same poor country India so uninstalling it.  And yes we are very emotional.’
One user who found out that people got confused for Snapdeal over Snapchat tweeted “Bhakts are so stupid they are downgrading and uninstalling snapdeal instead of snapchat” with a hashtag #boycottsnapchat.
Another user said ‘I am so patriotic that I even Uninstalled Snapdeal #boycottsnapchat.
One of the reviews in Snapdeal read ‘I know the CEO of SnapCHAT ‘allegedly’ said India is poor or something similar.  Just here showing my patriotism just like my other countrymen.  Fuck you Snapdeal (Just come out and apologize publicly for some great Banter and great Publicity).
An employee cleans a Snapdeal logo at its headquarters in Gurugram on the outskirts of New Delhi, India, April 3, 2017. Picture taken April 3. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi – RTX33YCE
Another user said “this man is copy cat.  What he does.  Take features of Facebook n Instagram and making new app.  Make your own stuff Chinese creation is better than yours.
One review read ‘this app is not for service all duplicate products and if people rejects it states country itself is  not poor or not good.  Idiotic company.’
One tweeple tweeted “Snapchat CEO called India a poor country for #Snapchat‘s expansion. Meanwhile this happened with Snapdeal#boycottsnapchat
Another user added some humor and said ‘I wish it was the Twitter CEO who said that so all the garbage from Twitter would clear itself.’
Another humorous tweet read “Patience. Some are uninstalling Snapdeal saying it’s a ‘sister company.’ Wait till they realise their phones have Snapdragon processors. :-)”
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