Various Salute Styles by the Indian Navy, Indian Army & Indian Air Force

Various Salute Styles by the Indian Navy, Indian Army & Indian Air Force
The salute is a mark of respect. Whenever the national anthem is played or during Marches at national events like the Republic Day Parade and at funeral services of honored officers, officials salute. They also salute their seniors on duty. There are various types of salutations. To the common man all salutes may look the same. However they are angled in a different manner. These are different salutes for the Indian Army, the Indian Navy and the Indian Air force. Next time you take a look and think it is another salute, think again. Let us take a look at each of the different salutes and know what each one signifies.
The Indian Army Salute: In the Indian Army the members salute with an open palm and fingers all together. This signifies the trust in the members of the Army and that they do not carry the weapons or any sort of ammunition to harm them. So this is called the Army Salute.
The Indian Air Force Salute: In the Indian Air force the salute is different than that of the Indian Army. In earlier times, the Indian Air force also had the same salutation as the Indian Army. In the year 2006 in March, the new salute came into being. Here the there is an open palm salute at a 45 degree angle. In this salute the angled in such a way as to show respect to the open skies. So this is the Air Force Salute.
The Indian Navy Salute: In the Indian Navy the salute is distinguished from the saluting of the Indian Army and the Indian Navy in terms of the degree of the angle again. So here, the Indian Navy also salutes with an open palm but at an angle of 90 degrees which is different from the salutation of the Indian Air Force.
It is said that this kind of salutation by the Indian Navy got its origin from the sailors of the times of olden days. They would work on the ship and their hands would get greasy easily. If a senior was passing by they had to give a salute. However their hands would be full of grease. Hence in order to cover the dirt on their hands and at the same time salute their seniors, they would keep it turned downwards.
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