Angry Sandeep Sharma Argues With Umpire Over No Ball! Watch Video & Decide Who’s Right!

This season of IPL seems to be surrounded by loads of controversies, especially related to the Umpires. One more incident happened yesterday during the match between Gujarat Lions and Kings XI Punjab and this time the player who lost his cool was Sandeep Sharma
This incident happened in the 5th over, when Sandeep Sharma decided to come around the wicket to bowl. Batsman on non-striking end was Dwayne Smith and he didn’t change his position.
Umpire called it “No Ball” because as per him, Sandeep should have informed him that he will be coming around the wicket to bowl next delivery; also, it’s Umpire’s duty to tell batsman at the non-striker’s end to change the position.
There was long discussion between Umpire and Kings XI Punjab players. But umpire didn’t change his decision and called it “No Ball”. It looks like the Umpire thought that Sandeep Sharma is changing his field and not asking to come around the wicket.
Watch the video and you decide who is wrong here, Dwayne Smith or Sandeep Sharma or Umpire?

Click here to watch the video directly on the IPL website!

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