Guy Tweeted “Shaan Is Jealous Of Sonu”! Shaan’s Awesome Reply Made Him Delete His Tweet!

Social media is one such place where everything is unpredictable. You never know which post of yours might invite wrath or trolls; Shaan, the famous “Bhool Ja” singer faced the same situation yesterday. We know how Sonu’s Azaan tweet had created a stir on social media and how it had divided people into 2 groups.
That’s all over now, but someone tried to link up Shaan with that matter. Well, the singer took to Twitter to express how he’s least interested in posting something that spreads hate or divides people. Shaan had a logical point here, but some illogical people spoilt everything.
Yes, those so-called intelligent people were quick enough to declare the hidden meaning behind Shaan’s tweet. Here’s what Shaan tweeted…

The tweet read, “I pledge not to tweet or retweet anything that Spreads HATE and DIVIDE within us and between us. You could do that too.”
A user named Aditya quickly linked this tweet to the Sonu Nigam controversy and tweeted that Shaan is indirectly criticizing Sonu Nigam. Aditya Kumar further said that Shaan has tweeted this because he’s jealous of Sonu. Here’s the screenshot of the tweet (Now, it’s deleted).
It read, “That shows jealousy of you towards Sonu Nigam. This tweet also spreads hate. You should not tweet this.”
On seeing this tweet, Shaan gave a humble reply and asked people to change their mindset and stop thinking such things. Here’s what he replied…
The tweet read, “That is the most twisted and pathetic interpretation of a simple and genuine Intention… Aditya!! Apni soch ko badlo.”
It was after this response that Aditya deleted his tweet; we appreciate how Shaan handled this situation so coolly. Twitter reacted immediately;
Stay positive!
Jealousy towards Sonu?
Soch badlo!
Please ignore!
People have a tendency to create unnecessary controversies and this was a good example of it. Even though Shaan’s post was a positive one, the user gave it a negative angle.
What’s your take on this? Share your views in our comments section below.
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