Mayor Of This Italian Village Is Offering Rs 1.4 Lakh Cash To People For Settling Here

Are you not happy with the city or country of your residence or is your life so messed up that now you desperately want to start fresh? Well, we have some great news for you!
An Italian village by the name of Bormida, which is situated in the mountain area of Liguria, north-west, Italy, is looking for people who can relocate there. The superb thing about relocation is that the mayor of the village is offering €2,000 (Rs. 1.4 Lakh) cash to those who are ready to move there. The reason behind this offer is that the population of this town is just 394 and the mayor wants to bring in more people before it becomes a ghost town.
The nearest big city to the town is Genoa which is at a distance of more than 50 miles and many residents have moved out for work or some other reasons. The scheme also offers houses at a very cheap rent of €12.50 (Rs. 880) weekly to attract people towards the village.
The idea became viral as it was posted on Facebook by the mayor, Daniele Galliano, who also said that the scheme would be functional in two months. Many people have showed their interest in moving there and it seems that very soon, Bormida will be a populated village. A reader, Vincent Gaspar, wrote, “Mr Mayor, I would certainly love to live there. I hope this bill goes through, because I will move there in a heartbeat.”

Most probably, the mayor will roll out the scheme in summers this year and the rents of the properties will be reduced to €50 (Rs. 3520) a month.
The life in Bormida may be simple but just 13 miles away in the town of Millesimo, there is a Michelin star restaurant by the name of Locanda dell’Angelo. Undoubtedly, with such low rents plus beautiful and peaceful countryside, this is an offer no one can resist.
People from many countries such as Britain, Hungary, USA, India, Indonesia, etc. have shown interest in relocating there but some do have a concern too, which is availability of the high-speed Internet. It’s clear that finding a job in the village is almost impossible as it has just four restaurants and a church so a person should be able to work remotely for which the need for Wi-Fi arises. One reader, Deborah Liao, wrote, “As long as there is good Wi-Fi, I do not need to worry about local employment and can work remotely.”
Manager of a restaurant says, “There is nothing much to do here. But life is so simple and natural, we have forests, goats, the church, and plenty of good food. Life would definitely be free of stress.”
On the condition of remaining anonymous, a councillor said,
“We’re still working out the plan, but anyone is welcome to come and live here. We’re a small community but very welcoming. We’re high up in a mountain area but also not far from the sea – it’s a healthy lifestyle, the air is very clean.”
So are you thinking of relocating?

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