Noticed The Uncanny Resemblance Between Baahubali & The Lion King? The Internet Did

Baahubali 2, The Lion King
Baahubali is a magnum opus like no other. It is one of the rare movies, which have been lauded by one and all. 

While on the one hand, India is celebrating the success of the movie for its originality, some people on Twitter think that the movie has drawn some major inspiration from the Disney classic The Lion King, and if not that, there is some uncanny resemblance between the two films. Either way, it cannot be ignored.  
Baahubali 2
So, once everyone is done watching Baahubali this weekend.
Do let me know if anyone else felt that the story is inspired by Lion King!
Was it just me or did anyone else find an uncanny resemblance between The Lion King and Baahubali 2 ?
Baahubali = Simba (The Lion King) on steroids
Baahubali & The Lion King story are very similar, if you agree then retweet this post. 
It was the most awesome experience to watch  last night. It's the Lion King come to life! 
What may be noted here is that the Disney film is also a cinematic adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. But why there’s so much fuss around it? Because there are, indeed, some similarities!

1. The big introduction

Baahubali 2, The Lion King

2. The scar and the exact way in which it rests on the face

Baahubali, The Lion King

3. The wise man with the white beard

Baahubali, The Lion King

4. Also, the lead characters are raised by families they are not related to in both the films

Baahubali, The Lion King

5. The well-timed introduction of the love interest

Baahubali, The Lion King

Did the striking similarities leave you shocked too? What's your take on it? Tell us in the comments below!

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