This Girl Is Trying To Make Sure That Her Father Gets Life Imprisonment For His Crimes

There can be nothing worse for a girl than being assaulted by her own father!
One day her mother left the family and that proved the onset of a distressing time for 20-year old Khushboo. Her father started beating and physically assaulting her. He eventually threw acid on Khushboo’s face.

Khushboo’s father, Manik Chandra, is accused of marrying young women and then trafficking them in Delhi, Aligarh, Agra and other nearby cities. As reported by Indiatimes, Khushboo alleges that she has seen her father doing this since childhood.

Chandra even tried to sell Khushboo once. He convinced her to take up a job and had almost sold her. He also tried to get 16-year-old Anjali, Khushboo’s younger sister married to a 50-year-old man.

One day, Khushboo screwed up her courage and took charge of the family. She warned her father to stop this trade, but even this wasn’t the beginning of good days for her. Enraged with her daughter, Manik Chandra threw acid on her that caused damage to her face and many other body parts.

Khushboo, married to 26-year-old Vinod Kumar, was in her room with her husband and daughter when her father knocked on the door. When she opened it, he threw acid on her giving her 6 per cent burns and causing minor damage to her husband and daughter too.

Now, Khushboo has filed a police complaint against Manik Chandra. This is not the first time that she has done this, but now she is putting in all the effort to make sure that her father gets life imprisonment for all his crimes.

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