Mangalore, June 24: The crescent Eid moon of 29h Ramadan was spotted in Kerala and Mangalore on Saturday. Both the coastal region began Ramadan a day before the rest of India. Eid-al-Fitr would be celebrated in the state of Kerala, along with Mangalore, which lies in neighbouring Karnataka on Sunday. The Eid moon sighting would be conducted in other parts of India tomorrow.
Following the confirmation of moon in Kerala and Mangalore, markets were lit up across the region for late night shopping for Eid. Kerala, whose one-third population is constituted by practitioners of Islam, the festival is celebrated with great cheers across the state.
Kerala becomes the first nation in India to celebrate the festival of Eid. The rest of the nation is expected to celebrate the festival on Monday. However, if moon is not sighted, Eid-al-Fitr would be delayed to Tuesday.
Among other parts of the world, Malaysia confirmed the celebration of Eid on Sunday, after the crescent moon was spotted. However, no such confirmation was issued by neighbouring regions in South-east Asia.
The moon sighting was also expected in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations today. The updates were not available by the time this report was first published.