Five Energy Boosting Foods You Must Carry to Your Workplace

Thinking about getting fit, look vivacious and full of energy at Work? Well it’s time you give a makeover to your lunchbox. We’ve come up with five energy boosting foods you must carry to your workplace:

Two Fresh Fruits

The easiest pick could be an apple and a banana with former making you feel full and latter boosting your mood. You can have the apple pre-lunch and banana when you call it a day and head home.

Vitamin C

Before you read about Vitamin C - replace your plain-Jane water bottle with a ravishing fruit infuser water bottle. Cut a lemon/strawberry/kiwi and put it in the infuser tube and carry this to your workplace. It not only beautifies your desk but also helps you sip through nutrients packed in lemons, berries, kiwis, melons whilst relishing the refreshing flavor.

Seasonal Lunch

Nature gives us the best of food with every season as per the season’s requirement. Pack a lunch that consists a bowl of vegetable, two chapattis, a small pack of curd and some salad (maybe leftover from last night).

One Green Tea Bag

Rather than indulging in a cup of tea or coffee, Green Tea is the best thing you can have at 4pm. It will not only awaken you instantly but will also improve metabolism and facilitate digesting your lunch. 

All Nuts

If you follow the abovementioned 4 points, we are sure you won’t feel the cravings in between. But if you still do, then carry a handful of mixed nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashew and raisins. It will not only help you satiate your cravings but will provide you an instant punch of energy too!

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