Government Doctor Caught Performing Sex Determination Test in Tamil Nadu

Chennai: A government doctor was arrested in Sivagangai district of Tamil Nadu for performing sex determination tests. 

A Dhandapani, an assistant surgeon at Sivagangai medical college, was caught after the health department received a tip-off about his unlawful activities.

Sources from the health department said they sent two patients as decoy to Sivagami Surgical Clinic. One of the patients underwent a test and the doctor revealed the sex of the foetus as male and charged Rs 3,000. The other patient was asked to meet him after a month. 

A senior official from the health department told that, “We received many complaints against this doctor. He lost his wife three years ago and since then he has been indulging in unlawful activities. After watching him for three months, we confirmed the charges and today, we planned a decoy. We have recovered cash, seized the scan machine and recovered the documents and suspended the licence of the clinic."

Under the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostics Act, a person can be imprisoned up to three years and fined Rs10,000. Since Dr. Dhandapani violated the PCPNDT Act, he is temporarily suspended. He will be produced in court on Friday and then action will be taken against him, added the source from the health department. 

In August last year, a quack was arrested for performing sex determination tests in Tiruvannamalai district. Anandhi was raided while she was preparing to perform abortions for five waiting patients. It was alleged that she was going to abort the foetus if it were a female.
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