Modern all-female robbers' gang arrested

Muzaffarpur police has caught a group of 30 women robbers, who preyed on commuters on National Highways linking north Bihar and Patna. They women were well-organized and worked in shifts of five.

When complaints started streaming in about "snatching and loot of belongings by smartly dressed girls" on NH 28, 57 and 77, the police decided to conduct raids at different locations in Muzaffarpur and caught all of the ladies. The women wore dark-coloured t-shirts and jeans and used to waylay light vehicles and lone riders, mostly you and middle-aged males, to ask for money under the pretext of working for a NGO. When the riders refused, the women would then snatch the riders’ belongings, literally taking money out of their wallets.

The police, who are still interrogating the women, said that the all-women gang was part of a national active highway robbers’ gang.
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